Specialized dental care when you need it

Dentistry is much more than routine cleanings and fillings. Sometimes specialized care and a team approach are necessary to keep your smile healthy and strong. Dr. Dean has the knowledge and experience to guide you through all aspects of specialty dentistry to ensure that you get the most out of your smile.

speciality dentistry

Common Dental Specialties

  • Oral Surgery

    This often includes tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placements, oral cancer treatments, and jaw surgery. Oral surgery involves surgical procedures related to the mouth, head, neck, and face.

  • Endodontics

    Infections inside the teeth will require specialized care. This includes root canal procedures, in which the nerve tissue inside a natural tooth is cleaned away, sterilized, and replaced. Endodontic care also includes the evaluation of teeth which may have suffered an internal fracture or an irreversible trauma.

  • Periodontics

    This includes the soft and hard tissues which support the teeth, such as the gum tissue, the jawbone, and the connective tissues. Periodontal disease treatments, periodontal cleanings, tissue grafting, and gumline recontouring are common procedures within this specialty. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments can be provided.

Plan for Success

When your dental treatment plan includes the need for specialty dentistry, Dr. Dean can help you to plan for the most successful outcome. This can include:

  • Prioritizing your treatment needs
  • Completing treatments in phases or steps
  • Consulting one or more dental specialists
  • Seeking authorizations and estimates from your dental insurance company
  • Discussing your goals and expectations

A great smile doesn’t happen overnight– it takes planning, teamwork, and communication. Fortunately, you can trust Dr. Dean and our experienced team to guide and assist you from start to finish on your journey to a stronger, healthier smile.

To learn more about the dental services we provide, please contact our office today.