An Ounce of Prevention can Provide a Lifetime of Smiles!

What is preventive dentistry? Dental services that are designed to protect you and your family from dental diseases are known as preventive. Dental disease like cavities, periodontal infections, bite problems, even oral cancer can often be prevented when you’re under the care of a trained professional.

Dr. Dean and his all-star dental team believe in the value of preventive dental care for patients of all ages. Here are some commonly recommended preventive dental procedures:

Patient in Chair
  • Routine checkups and cleanings

    We recommend a checkup and cleaning every three to six months for each of our patients. This provides an opportunity for Dr. Dean and our hygienists to identify potential dental problems before the develop. Together we can discuss the issue, determine its cause, and make a plan to prevent a small issue from becoming a much larger problem.

  • Fluoride treatments

    We believe fluoride to beneficial for blocking the acids that cause cavities, strengthening the enamel, and managing tooth sensitivity. We may recommend applying prescription-strength fluoride to the teeth after every cleaning for extra protection. For our patients who face the highest risk for cavities and/or sensitive teeth, we might also prescribe a professional fluoride product to be used regularly at home.

  • Sealants

    The crevices and grooves on the biting surfaces of permanent molars are perfect hiding spots for the bacteria that cause cavities, but these areas are also extremely difficult to keep clean. If these crevices can be sealed and protected as soon as the molars erupt, it’s often possible to prevent cavities from forming. A sealant is a safe, painless, clear or tooth-colored gel which is applied to the deepest crevices on permanent molars during childhood to block out cavity-causing bacteria.

  • Education

    What causes cavities? What is gum disease? Which toothbrush is best? We’re here to answer any questions you may have about your oral health. The more you know, the more active you can be when it comes to preventing unwanted dental problems. Dr. Dean and our team are knowledge about how nutrition, nervous habits, chronic health conditions, and certain lifestyle conditions can impact your dental health. We’re happy to share that information with you to protect your smile for life.

We want you to know: Sometimes unexpected dental problems may arise, and we are here to help you through those tough times. However, we want to prevent you from experiencing a dental problem in the first place, and our customizable preventive dental services are the perfect place to begin!

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